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At Paws-Ability we believe every dog has the right to live and learn

in a fear free, force free envirnonment and have the ability to:

  • Develop paw-some manners and life skills

  • Overcome fear, anxiety and stress

  • Learn co-operative care skills

  • Show off their trick training

  • Be at their human's wedding with a Paws-Ability trainer as chaperone

  • Learn with trainers who only use science based, force free, positive reinforcement training methods. 

What stage of learning is your dog at?

  • Does your dog pull on lead? 

  • Not always come when called?  

  • Get over-excited when meeting other dogs and/or humans?   

  • Appear “deaf” / ignore you sometimes?  

  • Jump up inappropriately?

  • Do you want your dog learn essential life skills?

  • Are you wanting to provide your dog with enrichment  activities when you’re at work and/or at home? 

  • Are you getting a new puppy or rescue and need advice on how best to set up your home? 

  • Are you engaged and want to have your pooch at your wedding?

  • Does your dog need a re-fresher with basic manners?

  • Do you have a nervous, anxious or fearful dog who finds the world a little scary?

  • Are you looking for an accredited positive trainer who regularly undertakes further learning?


If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, have questions of your own, or want to discuss how Paws-Ability can help you your dog - Contact us for an obligation free chat.

Fear Free Certifie


Image by Sebastian Coman Travel

Life Skills & Manners Training

Foundation learning

We train the basics including loose lead walking, coming when called, sit, down/drop, mat/place and of course the famous nose touch!

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Puppy Training

Starting out right

Training to help you set your puppy up for success so that he/she can learn essential life skills and grow up to be a well mannered and happy member of your family.

Image by Marliese Streefland

Confidence Building

Shy, anxious or fearful?

Let's work together to help your dog be more comfortable in the human world and overcome shyness, fear, anxiety and stress.

Image by marieke koenders

Canine Enrichment

Fun Fun Fun!

Doggie games including sniffy adventures and puzzles.  Yes there's more ways to entertain and play with your pooch than using a ball. Some activities are perfect for dogs when they're left alone.

Husky Handshake

Private Training

Individual training plans

What we train is your choice.  

Let us know what you need help with and we'll create a personalised training plan that's specific to you, your dog and your lifestyle.  

Shiba Inu on a Leash

Loose Lead Walking

Brining the fun back to walks

Dreaming of a relaxing walk with your pooch, without being dragged around or pulled in all directions? 

Our loose lead walking course will help you turn your dream into reality.

Cute  Beaglier

Four on the Floor!

Greetings without jumping up

Training to teach your dog that keeping four feet on the floor rather than jumping up is the best way to get a human's attention.

Blue Dog Bed 3

Pre-Arrival Check

Setting up your home

Planning on getting a dog? We'll help you setup a safe environment in your home for your soon-to-be new family member.

Wedding Rings

Wedding Chaperone


Best friends come to weddings right?  Well now your best furry friend can too!

We offer pre-wedding manners training & on the day chaperone services for your pooch.

Image by Berkay Gumustekin

Recalls / Coming when called

Reliable recalls

Does your dog always come when called?

Learn a rapid recall so that your dog will come to you when you call, rather than ignore you.

Puppy in Red Cushion

Mat / Crate Training

There's no place like home

Just like us dogs need their own safe place to sleep / settle.  We'll teach you and your pooch mat mat training and all the benefits.

At the Vet

Co-operative care

Canine consent

Teaching your dog that they can have choice in their vet/grooming care (wherever possible) which means less fear at the Vets, nail trims etc. and a much happier more confident pooch.


The dog training industry in Australia is unregulated. By working with a qualified Dog Trainer you know they care about your dog because they’ve chosen to undergo expensive and continual training and assessment to be the best trainer they can be.


Our training methods are based on science and the values and ethics of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and Fear Free Pet Professionals.

Member IMDT (Distinction)

All IMDT trainers complete a rigorurous assessment process, undertake regular professional development and follow the strict IMDT code of ethics - that guarantees respect for all dogs and owners.

All IMDT trainers Actively provide and promote force-free training methods and actively reject any methods or equipment that may cause physical or mental discomfort.

Qualified Puppy Instructor

Certified Easy Peasy Puppy Instructor with IMDT

(3 day course with written assessment)

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Certified Trick Dog Instructors work with humans and their pooches to train tricks and so much more - including practical skills you can use everyday with your dog.


Certified Fear Free Pet professionals, work to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them, and only using force free, fear free training methods.

Tucker's Qualifications

Master Sniffer Dog ​

(NTD) Novice Trick Dog

(ITD) Intermediate Trick Dog

(ATD) Advanced Trick Dog


Values & training methods

As a qualified Dog Trainer - with internationally recognised accreditation I pledge to:

  • Train using positive training methods that are force free, fear free and fun.

  • Train with honesty, integrity and respect for humans and their dogs.

  • Continue my learning and professional development.

  • Make training fun.

  • Maintain my membership of high standing organisations that support gentle, safe, fear free, force free training methods

  • Respect the privacy of my clients

  • Help my clients improve their relationship with their dog/s.

  • Refer to my peers or other industry professionals if my skill set doesn't best suit the dog/owner requirements


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